Beautiful words from our community.

A token of appreciation from our ambassadors, supporters, partners and concerned third parties. A very valuable group of people that continuously helps to let Plennid grow!
Tripl-A supports Plennid’s Rotterdam sustainability initiative. By choosing for partners per goal of the 17 SDG’s and coming to a central platform where Rotterdam can radiate its sustainability, the right pad has been chosen. A pad Tripl-A is more than happy to walk together. In the city of few words and more action, an organization such as plennid fits and therefore the owners convey this motto in the right way. Tripl-A attaches a lot of value on collaboration and is happy to be able to connect entrepreneurs, this fits well within the Plennid way of working. Tripl-A, for now, supports Plennid with a location and her network and with that, assists in the direction of an advising role. Let’s make Rotterdam a real city of sustainability in which Government/Industry and inhabitants together create a sustainable society, through making use of the support for Plennid.
Alwin HeldCEO - Tripl-A Projects
As interns, I have seen them come in our circular studio, with big eyes and even bigger ears… They sucked up all the available knowledge as natural sponges and grew as circular weeds. And now they spread their wings and distribute their knowledge to create a more beautiful world, for everyone from everyone.
Rik RuigrokWood whisperer en urban miner - Circulair Furniture manufacturer Herso
Plennid has a high level of distinguishing power by combining a beautiful vision with actual service. It nowadays gets more important every day, as well as a prioritized point of attention: sustainability. Entrepreneurs want to go along with this, however, how does remain the question. Nevertheless, a sustainable revenue model, for example, nowadays can’t lack in terms of the continuity of your company. Plennid operates on this wish, comes with support and consultancy for complex problems, and connects entrepreneurs to create a sustainable growing network (and economy). In my opinion, this is not only a special initiative but also an example for the corporate sector. Nice work!
Thijs den DikkenCEO - Thijs den Dikken Internetpromotion
Plennid, an organization founded by two passionate entrepreneurs with a sustainable vision, making a difference in the world and the way we do business. What I can say about Plennid is that they act from purity and that they have an organization where everything is focussed on people. At Plennid there is room for development, connections and valuable relations. It's an awesome initiative and recommended to everyone who feels the need to be part of a community that really empowers.
Amanda SchotIndependent Life and Business Coach - Arnon International