Switch to a sustainable business model.

How do I ensure sustainability is not a cost item but that it generates growth? How can I make significant changes without changing my product / service or disappointing my customers / clients? Plennid helps you find answers to these and other questions through advice in the field of sustainability. Together we balance people, planet and profit within your organization.


Discover how realizing a positive impact perfectly combines with making profit. Looking for improvements together is what matters.
Plennid is your full-service partner for project development, management and support for sustainability issues. We are specialized in themes like: energy transition, circular economy and mobility.

Human Capital.

Sustainability requires people, people with knowledge and the drive to change.
Our candidates are people who really want to change. Finishing each day with a boost of energy, that is what they strive for!
Is your organization looking for temporary reinforcement for challenging projects or permanent employees which contribute to continuous growth, we have the human capital you are looking for!.

How do we work?

No transition will take place without targeted action. That is why our work is based on 5 decisive steps.

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