Make the change towards a sustainable business model.

How do I ensure that sustainability is no debit item but instead produces growth? How can I carry through radical changes without changing my product nor disappoint my clients? Plennid helps you find the answers to these and other questions with advice in the field of sustainability and circularity.

How do we work?

At Plennid we see great value in collaborative consulting. Together with our Associate Partners we have all the knowledge needed to finish our projects. There is no need for competition if we combine our powers. It is time for the WEconomy.
We show organisations that they can do very well by doing very good. Taking into account that no transition ever occurred without putting in some type of effort. To achieve this we act upon 5 main steps.
Our consultants focus on creating new sustainable business models that fit into the collaborative WEconomy. Our transition consultants combine strategy, management, proces, HR, communication and ICT consultancy into a powerful businessmodel that perfectly fits into your existing organisation. Our goal is to succeed in making a transition towards a completely sustainable company with a perfectly balanced focus on creating ecological-, social-, and economic value.